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There’s no place like home - and sometimes it seems like there’s no place safer. For seniors, however, the home is where many injuries occur, and most of these are due to falls. Changes that are part of the normal aging process, such as declining vision, hearing, sense of touch or smell and bone density can increase the risk of injury. Injuries can also be more of a problem for seniors because, as the body ages, it takes longer to heal and recover from injury. We care about your health and wellbeing and have compiled the following downloadable guides for staying at home and caring for others.



Please consult with your physician as to your specific care needs and options


As a business affiliate of Centrix Health Resources, DOVES is able to offer its clients quality medical equipment and supplies at unbeatable prices - guaranteed. We will deliver your equipment and supply needs to your home, set up, and teach proper use to ensure safety and independence.  Below are just a few of the items we are able to offer clients.  DOVES clients receive an additional 10-30% off the prices noted below.


For more information please visit StepWell Medical.

Order a FREE copy of Lasting Steps.


Over 100 pages of safety tips and exercises to help older adults remain healthy and avoid falling.

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