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Non-Medical Services


DOVES provides non-medical home care to enrich the quality of life for our clients. We seek to stimulate their independence to ensure they remain in their own surroundings for as long as practically possible.  DOVES is an affiliate of Centrix Health Resources, LLC., a healthcare organization dedicated to its clients, community and employees.  We have served over 20,000 individuals in the past decade alone, making us a trusted and vital community healthcare provider.  Our goal has always been and continues to be to provide comprehensive and integrated home-care solutions. 


Healthcare isn't as simple as it used to be; our mission is to change that by providing individuals with all the necessary resources and services to achieve optimal outcomes. Through Centrix, DOVES is able to provide coordinated solutions and continuity of care.   Today, Centrix is proud to offer physician, home health, hospice, medical equipment, and care management services. DOVES services include:



Companion care can help provide personal interaction through conversation and activities. Companion care can also help seniors engage in outside social settings by providing incidental transportation to events, lunch or dinner dates, doctors appointments, movies, concerts, and religious services to name a few. Our companion care service are meant to provide you or your loved one with the necessary connection and companionship that is crucial for a healthy and happy life.



DOVES caregivers will shop for groceries and assist with cooking. The foods you eat build and maintain your body. With age, your body continues to need essential nutrients to function correctly. Food deficiencies in seniors can cause or increase the risk of bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. - all of which increase one's risk to falls. 



We DO windows. Having a clean, comfortable and organized home is important for your health and safety. DOVES is unique in that we offer both deep and light housekeeping such as sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, bed making, laundry, ironing and yes windows. 



Escorted rides to shopping, appointments, social events, religious services and unescorted errands as directed by the client. DOVES transportation services are available to assist you stay at home, safely. 



Assistance with bathing, showering, grooming, dressing, walking, eating, and medication reminders. There’s no place like home - and sometimes it seems like there is no place safer. For seniors, however, the home is where many injuries occur, and most of these are due to falls. Changes that are part of the normal aging process, such as declining vision, hearing, sense of touch or smell and bone density can increase the risk of injury. DOVES personal care services are available so assist you stay at home, safely. 



The challenges of aging affect those who care for seniors, too. In fact, many caregivers develop physical problems because of the stress they are under while taking care of their loved ones. If caring for a senior is taking its toll on you, please call us today to learn about resources available to help you.



The skin is the bodies largest organ and consists of three layers, the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (middle layer) and the subcutaneous (inner most layer). Our skin protects us from disease, illness and is responsible for maintaing our bodies temperature.  While minor cuts and scrapes to the skin don’t usually require a trip to the emergency room, improper care of a wound can lead to sepsis, osteomyelitis, delayed healing and even amputation. 



DOVES offers three Therapeutic Exercise programs to improve the health and lives of our clients. Each program covers a broad range of functional tasks intended to enhance cardiovascular, strength and flexibility.  More>>



DOVES' specialty services are designed to enhance the lives and address the unique needs of our clients. More>>

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